ProTECH Webmail Quickstart

To use the web mail access, go to and use your login name and password to enter your inbox.  Your password is case-sensitive.



After you log in, your e-mail inbox will be opened. You can read, delete, or file messages in folders.


Your suspected spam will be in the SPAM folder located on the left of the screen.  Click it to open the folder.  It may take a while to load the folder if there are a lot of messages in it.

As with the old ”message center” addresses can be added to the “whitelist” which means messages from that sender will never be filed as SPAM.
With a message from the desired sender open, click the green arrow to allow mail from that person.
If you would like to block mail from a person, click the red arrow. Do not block every spam message you get. Spammers use randomly generated addresses, so block each address will have no effect on reducing spam but it will reduce your e-mail performance. If you have any questions, please e-mail